We have recently started our Caravan Storage scheme where we charge a quarterly fee to store your caravan with us and then just £10 to take it out of storage and return it into storage once you have finished using it. One popular service that is often used is having your caravan taken out of storage and placed on a pitch here for you to use and then returned into storage once you have finished with it, you simply pay the usual day rate for this service. This saves fuel and hassle whilst still allowing you to use your pride and joy.

Up to 1,200 caravans were stolen last year, mostly from peoples driveways and this is on top of most councils clamping down on people parking their caravans at home. Storing your caravan at home is a relatively risky business. Putting your caravan into storage makes a lot of sense and placing it with us is ideal if you plan on touring the Peak District as once you collect it again you will only have to tow it a relatively short distance.

Don't become a statistic

Book your caravan into storage through Reception on 01335 344643.

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